The Ultimate Business Email Course: Smart Mailing & Inbox Zero [Conclusion]

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The only course you will ever need to get your business emails under control!

Course Content (6 Parts)

CONCLUSION – The Final Rules to Internalize Effective Mail Management

These final rules will help you internalize effective email management.


Limit email folders (“@1-2-3-Plus-System”).


Keep filing structure on the drive – not in Outlook or any other mail client.


Separate emails and task management (to-do list); do not misuse Inbox as a to-do list.


Limit newsletter subscriptions and predominantly unsubscribe.


View mails intermittently several times a day rather than continuously.


When checking your emails, make a clear decision for each mail according to the “FASD principle”. This immediately ensures that you think about whether something – and what! – needs to be done. This creates clarity and prevents the accumulation of emails in the inbox!


Create rules to move mails directly into folders and/or forward them; use Quick Step buttons in Outlook.

Keep rule

An opened/sighted email never remains in the inbox! The inbox is kept (almost) empty (Inbox Zero).

And that’s all. The complete course to master your business emails.

We are convinced that these techniques will save you a lot of time and increase your productivity accordingly.

Thank you for your time and trust in our methods.

We wish you success in achieving inbox zero!

Inspired by

  • David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD)
  • Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero
  • Chris Anderson’s & Jane Wulf’s Email Charter
  • and many years of experimenting with a wide variety of self-management techniques.
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