The Ultimate Business Email Course: Smart Mailing & Inbox Zero [Part 2]

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The only course you will ever need to get your business emails under control!

Course Content (6 Parts)

Part 2 – Smart Emailing – Creating Emails Correctly

Creating Emails Correctly

Briefly consider whether an email is the right communication medium in the specific case.

Some things can be clarified better and/or faster verbally. Emails do not replace personal contact!

Emails are not suitable, for example, for resolving conflicts or holding extensive discussions.

Consider what content should be conveyed and how.

Rule: Always only one topic per email.

Keep the text of the email as short and simple as possible, and formulate the request clearly and unambiguously.      

Avoid all unnecessary and less concrete sentences, filler words, etc.

Consider who the correct addressee of the email is and for whom this email could be important.

The circle of recipients should be as small as possible and as large as necessary.

Only the directly addressed recipients are entered in the “To” field.

Persons who only receive the email for information purposes – but for whom no action is required – are always written in the “(B)CC field”.

The subject should clearly state the main content of the email.

Short information should be written completely in the subject and concluded with “(EOM)”.

(EOM = end of message. The mail does not have to be opened.)

Each email contains an (automatic) signature with all important contact data.

“Email is a powerful tool for communication, but it’s also a powerful tool for miscommunication.”  

J. D. Meierto

To be continued…

Part 3 – The Email Charter – 10 Rules Against the Email Spiral

Part 4 – The “@1-2-3-Plus-System” – Organizing Emails Wisely

Part 5 – Inbox Zero and the “FASD Principle” – Mastering the Email Inbox

CONCLUSION – The Final Rules to Internalize Effective Mail Management

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